Album Cover


A look at love and loss, bliss and bloodshed. This album is my love letter to Harlem, to my spirit for insisting, to my sacred limbs for surviving and to all that I have witnessed. I want people to listen to this and dance themselves out of captivity. I want to invite flight and peaceful reckoning. I firmly believe that we are individual universes to be navigated and this is merely a look into mine. All of these lyrics were created in the moment they were recorded, a subtle accessing of the unconscious. In the process of listening to these recordings I have discovered how present my unconscious is and have found freedom in the prayers I did not know I was writing. I urge everyone to seek their inner narratives and reckon with the vibrations of their pasts that have refused silence and invite themselves to seek healing in the flow of breath and the rising sun. 


Note: A few of the tracks are demos and will be finished in the next two weeks. The updated versions will be added to this page accordingly.