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How to overcome writer’s block?

Artists often face writer’s block while writing new rhymes when they want their verses to come out as good as perfect. Whenever you face writer’s block while writing a block, here are some things to work on. Find your comfort zone in rapping and forget about making your verse the best of all. Sometimes, you […]

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Hip Hop: A Genre For Everybody

Hip hop is a music art form that has come far from the streets of Compton and South Bronx. It is today a big industry worth almost two billion dollars and there is even a show named ‘Hamilton’ playing in Los Angeles, a hip hop musical. Hip hop or rap music as it is often […]

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How Hip Hop Moved Online Due To Covid-19

2020 has been a tough year, and it is not just the virus. People are depressed and isolated while the whole world is dying. People don’t have much to think about and this is where entertainment venues hit their mark. Streaming music and movies has gone off the charts with everyone wanting to get some […]